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3delite MP3 Stream Editor v3.4.4.1969

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3delite MP3 Stream Editor v3.4.4.1969
3delite MP3 Stream Editor v3.4.4.1969 英文正式版(修復損壞的Mp3文件軟體)

Name ................. : CLUSTER/BLiZZARD!
E-mail ............... : cluster@blizzard.r
Version Code ......... : 282499
Registration Number .. : 123456268435765432
MP3 Stream Editor is an all in one tool mainly for MP3s. Main
advantage over other MP3 editors (or any other audio editor) is
that you edit (MPEG - MP3) files without decoding and thus
quality loss, graphicaly on a 3D sample display easely with a
mouse. You have the option to repair corrupted MP3 files also.
Free Encode, re-encode, convert to WAV, cut and join MP3s, Tag
MP3s with a professional ID3v2 Tag editor, or even directly
Record MP3/WAV/WMA/Flac streams. Burn them as AudioCDs or MP3
CD/DVDs, etc.

Main features

- Visually edit (cut join) without decoding and quality loss, MP3
audio files on a 3D sample display with mouse (MPEG1 LayerII,
III; MPEG2 LayerII, III; WAV PCM; Ogg Vorbis)
- Very fast MPEG editing (~20MB/s@1.6GHz, or even faster on a two
drive system)
- MPEG Error Correction (repair corrupted MPEG files)
- Full .CUE sheet support (CD grab/cut/join/visually edit)
- Own Subsong system
- Encode or re-encode MP3s (powerful Preset system to store
various encoding settings), WAV/WMA and universal command line
encoder plugin
- Directly record MP3/WAV/WMA/Flac streams (from any input
source, record "what you hear", volume level activation, timing)
- Grab Tracks from Audio CDs to MP3 or lossless Flac (single
track/album mode) with full cddb/freedb and cover picture
- Supports loading of CDA files from Audio CDs
- VBR bitrate analyzer
- Edit and manage ID3v1 and ID3v2 Tags (all frames) including
pictures in MP3s within ID3v2 Tags
- Mass and single renamer and Tager (File name to Tag; Tag to
File name; Tag multiple MP3s at once)
- Flexible plugin system, assign DSP, visualisation and stream
processing plugins to stream channels
- Normalize DSP plugin keeps volume level at a desired Maximum
- CD/DVD Burner plugin for controling Nero (can burn DSP
processed streams as AudioCD tracks)
- High precision Spectrum analyzer vis Plugin
- Network WMA Broadcaster Plugin
- Winamp Input Plugins Bridge allows loading any sound file
type supported by Winamp input Plugins
- Sonique Vis Bridge for using Sonique visualisation plugins
- Experimental ASIO Player Plugin
- Advanced Subsong system and full .CUE sheet support including:
- Grab AudioCDs in Album mode (one MP3/WAV/Flac file with Subsong
system (optional .CUE sheet))
- Cut - slice MP3s based on .CUE sheet or Subsong entries
- Join - create one MP3 stream and generate it's .CUE sheet and
Subsong layout from smaller MP3 files
- Visually edit Subsong start points including artist/title for
each subsong, or even generate .CUE sheet or Subsongs from
- Playlist compatible, Subsong order in playlist is optionally
- Save Internet streams to local drive with automatic Subsong
System (optional .CUE sheet) generation based on the
periodically received metadata
- Based on BASS sound system (play virtualy unlimited MP3s at
once, crossfade, adjust playback speed, volume separately)
- Supported formats: MPEG, WAV, WMA, OGG Vorbis, CDA, MOD, MO3,
IT, XM, S3M, MTM, UMX, FLAC, OptimFrog, WavPack, Monkey's Audio,
Musepack, AAC/MP4 and AC3 (needs bass_aac.dll and bass_ac3.dll -
MP4 FAQ) (and any format trough Winamp input plugins)
- Favorites Quick search (quickly locate and load MP3s)
- Multitasks, continue your work while tasks are running in the
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